New partnership between Bioprojet and Acino, the distributer of OZAWADE® (pitolisant) for the Saudi and Middle Eastern market

Bioprojet has just signed an exclusive licence contract with Acino, the Zurich-based Swiss pharmaceutical distributor, for the registration, marketing and distribution of pitolisant in Saudi Arabia with possible extension to other Middle Eastern countries.

This agreement, which will allow for the marketing of pitolisant by 2025, serves to reinforce the distribution of Bioprojet products across the world.

“Bioprojet is very happy to announce this partnership with Acino, a distributor with an exclusive positioning in the Saudi market, for the management of patients with narcolepsy or daytime sleepiness due to obstructive sleep apnoea, two pathologies with a major effect on patients’ quality of life. We are certain that this company’s expertise will allow us to make a significant change to the daily lives of affected patients,” explains Professor Jean-Charles Schwartz, co-founder of Bioprojet