Our values


Bioprojet Co-Workers follow a trail blazed by its Founders, and are guided in their mission by strong values:

Innovation, integrity, excellence, passion and commitment in service of Science & Health for patients.

Because, as Louis Pasteur said, “The ability to surprise is the first step on the road to discovery.''
Louis Pasteur


Our laboratory stands out thanks to the sheer force of innovation at its preclinical research centre.


Our quality charter reflects the commitment of Bioprojet and its employees to respect all regulations and Best Practices inherent to our professions and business activities.


Our successes are the fruit of the excellence of our co-workers and their personal investment.

Passion & Engagement

Bioprojet is a human-sized company that promotes autonomy and a sense of responsibility at the same time as interaction, thus allowing each co-worker to fully flourish.

A French laboratory, Bioprojet markets innovative drugs, most of which derive from its research centre in Rennes.